RootDev was born with a single goal in mind: revolutionize enterprise software through services, solutions, and products. We have been living in a world on which IT applications are often seen as massively painful efforts that are never delivered on time and budget and rarely bring innovation to the business.

Our Approach To Solve This Complex Challenge Was Rather Simple:

Hire the best technical talent in the market, foment innovation, make agile processes a religion, create a great culture, never cease to do right by the customer and see magic happen.

After just a few years, our dream is now a reality. Currently, RootDev is the proud home of some of the top creative people in a large number of technologies who totally obsessed with bringing innovation to our customers.

But We Are Just Getting Started…

We keep growing our technical talent and trying to change the world one project at a time.

RootDev was founded under the principles of passion, honesty and hard work. We focus on some of the toughest technical challenges faced by our customers and take great pride in the fact that our work makes a difference in their lives.