What we do

Web Development

We create websites for future with the new generation web design technique – Responsive Web Design (RWD). In last few years, we have completely forgotten the concept of one-size-fits-all. As technica.

Tablets & Smart Phones

Modern businesses need the most recent solutions to be successful and competitive. Talk to us about the benefits of incorporating tablets and smart phones in your business processes.

Full Support

In our business we take customer support very seriously. We provide ongoing support for your software and application solutions, we won't abandon you.

How we do it


Since we started, we have had one main aim in our technology choices: using the technology that best fits our clients' needs and brings their visions to full fruition.

Agile Development

We are Agile! Our methodology allows us to embrace change and adapt easily to it. By being Agile and iterative, we can ensure our clients that in working with RootDev, they get exactly what their business requires.

UX design & usability

Designs that focus on the user experience, providing an easy to use application for your users will make the different between a good app and a great app.